Mindfulness, put simply, is paying attention on purpose.

Sounds easy, but in fact most of our life is spent with our mind far away from where we are.  So, just like a gym workout for our body, training the mind takes the same practise…but it is worth it.

Mindfulness meditation trains us to bring our attention to what’s happening moment by moment, meaning we can enjoy a greater sense of freedom from our ever busy (and helpful) minds.

Meditation activates our parasympathetic nervous system (often referred to as our rest and digest system – this is the one we want to be in most of the time). It slows heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and soothes our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mode), which unfortunately we often find ourselves in a lot of the time.

Regular practice of Martial Arts can elevate mindfulness levels, which can have a positive influence on stress management and therefore quality of life and well-being.

Each class will finish with guided mindfulness meditation.

Try a simple meditation now.