Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heikō?

Heikō (pronounced Hey Ko) means equilibrium in Japanese. A name perfect for this class, combining harder and softer energy for a full body and mind work out.

Why Heikō?

Because you want to learn martial arts and are interested in meditation but you’ve been put off by the focus on gradings, sparring or training with men. Perhaps you used to do martial arts but didn’t want the pressure that comes with the training.  It is also a great club to meet like minded people!

Where are the classes?

Every Saturday – 930am at the MK Gallery.

Is there any sparring?

No. There are alternative classes that will be available to you, should you decide you wish to try contact martial arts.

Is this self-defence?

Whilst you will learn moves which can be used as self-defence, it is important to stress this is not a self-defence class. This would require contact training in a specialist class.

Are men allowed?

Currently the class is only for females. However, there will be a class for men in the future. Send us an email to let us know to get on the mailing list to find out.

Do I need to be fit?

You need to be in good basic health without injury to participate, fitness is not necessary as will be gained by attending classes.

Can I grade and achieve belts?

No, this is not like usual martial arts classes. There is no ranking system or belts.

Will I get hit?

No, this class is a non-contact class. There will be opportunity for pad training though, so you will be able to practise punches and kicks this way.

Do I need equipment?

Boxing gloves, focus mitts will be used in class and are available to buy from the club. In addition to other club merchandise, shop coming soon!

What are the classes like?

Each class starts with a short meditation, followed by anaerobic style warm up including HIIT and interval training, followed by learning punches, kicks and blocks, with help from the instructor to keep your focus on the body.  There will also be a chance to practise punches and kicks on the pads (there will no sparring).  Every class finishes with around 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation.

The classes are always taken at your own pace, there is no pressure to achieve or to push hard unless you want to.  You can turn up and do what you need.  This is your work out, your mind, your body.

Ladies Martial Arts fitness and meditation classes in Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard.