Martial arts clubs can seem intimidating to start and prevent many females from starting.

Statistics show fears include: getting hurt, sparring with men,  judgement of body shape & period embarrassment if training with males.  All of these sadly can stop many females getting involved.

With over 21 years in full contact karate & kickboxing,  running mixed classes I want to encourage more females into martial arts by offering a female only club, run by females.  With the same opportunities, as a mixed club to spar and grade for belts but with females only, and only if you want to!

My aim is for you to feel great in mind & body. There is no pressure to achieve any goals other than your own.

A club where females can train together and feel powerful and confident, just how they are.

And so..Heikō was born!

I hope you can be part of it.


  • In Martial Arts since 2002
  • 3rd Dan Black Belt in Contact Karate
  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga Instructor
  • Founder & Owner of www.leightonbuzzardkickboxing.com
  • Competed at Kickboxing nationally and internationally
  • Body in Mind Facilitator
  • Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
  • Mindfulness practitioner (Oxford Mindfulness Centre / Dr Tamara Russell BMT)
  • Trained for one month with Shaolin 34th Generation warrior Monks in China 2014. Read More